Battlefield 1: War is Hell

“Battlefield 1” is my favorite shooter since “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” Going in the opposite historical direction than its Activision rival, “Battlefield 1” is a breath of fresh air. The archaic, old-school weaponry bring a new level of intrigue because, unlike the lasers and alien weaponry of new CoDs, these weapons existed and they are stranger than fiction. If you are the slightest bit interested in history or World War I, just the sight of these technical marvels will kickstart your imagination. On top of that, strong graphics and sound design build the immersion to unbelievable heights; never have the horrors of war been so gorgeous and unsettling to experience.


Nintendo Switch-ing Directions

On October 20, 2016, Nintendo made one of it’s most sound business decisions in nearly a decade. Just one month before the ten-year anniversary of the original Wii’s launch, Nintendo unveiled it’s most gimmicky yet amazing product yet. The Nintendo Switch is the first console which can be plugged into a big screen television for play at home then removed from the “dock” to be used as a portable handheld. While this concept was often hinted at through rumors surrounding the mystery console, it was incredible to actually see it in action during the three-minute reveal video this morning.

Rocket League: The Most Fun Game of 2015…and 2016

After more than 20 hours played, “Rocket League” has proven that fast-paced, frantic action has staying power. Bite-sized bursts of play are rationed to players in 5-minute matches and the “just one more game” lure has never been stronger—some 70,000 players are consistently on PSN at all times and the game was released on July 7, 2015; arguably a lifetime for less-exciting multiplayer games. In my opinion, “Rocket League” brings something that has been sorely lacking in the modern video game pantheon, fun!

Are Video Games Art?

If this blog dedicated to geek culture wasn’t clear enough, I’m an admirer of video games. Since their creation, games have been questioned as a true art form. Although I’m late to the debate, I’m sure it still rages in the minds of passionate gamers and older folks that don’t quite understand the power of games. Even still, the goal of my first blog post is to show firm evidence why games are, in fact, art.