Alien: Covenant Review – In Space, No One Can Hear You Sigh

“Alien: Covenant” is not one of the worst Alien films, but it is squarely mediocre. Like the convoluted Alien franchise, “Covenant” is unnecessarily complex, filled with plot holes, and goes on various tangents for too much of its run time.


Moonlight: Life on Film

“Moonlight” is my favorite film of the past year and, possibly, the past ten years. If not for “La La Land,” I firmly believe that “Moonlight” would have easily won the award for Best Motion Picture. “Moonlight” is a realistic, subtle, and heartbreaking look at the life of a black homosexual man, but it is also a revelatory analysis of hope, loss, triumph, and tragedy.

Hacksaw Ridge: Shameless Propaganda

“Hacksaw Ridge” is the bloodiest religion propaganda film of the past decade. The reigning king, “The Passion of the Christ,” was also directed by the same “Traditionalist Catholic” who employs the subtlety of a lead brick, dull messianic characters, and buckets of gore. Mel Gibson’s latest film is head-shakingly awful and proves that he is nothing more than a hack.