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I’m a writer and lover of (nearly) all things geek culture. The purpose of this website is to discuss my favorite works of art in a blog-style setting and podcast.

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7 thoughts

    1. Hi Well-Red Mage, thanks for commenting! I can’t say I like all nerd/geek culture, but almost all of it certainly fascinates me. Based on your blog, we have some pretty similar tastes!

      And good point! I had this blog on the back burner for quite some time, but I have some free time to start writing and promoting in this brave new world. Thank you again for commenting, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on your posts!

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      1. I think we certainly do. A lot of the geek culture cliques I’d like nothing to do with, but I certainly enjoy the art the culture has produced. Glad to hear you’ve got more time for writing, and do I detect you are a reader of classics as well (“Brave New World”)?

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      2. Definitely, even if I wouldn’t want to spend time or money on certain things, it’s still nice to appreciate certain geek culture from afar. Case and point, I’ve been playing “Persona 4 Golden” on Vita off and on for months; I feel like the game will never end and I enjoy it, but the constant enemy encounters have become more of an annoyance than an exciting surprise. I’m not sure if I will buy “Persona 5” because of this, but I certainly appreciate the game for what it is and understand the (near) universal praise! Sorry off topic…

        And yes, my nerdiness extends into literature; English and American literature major here!

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      3. Nice, definitely go for it if you love reading and writing; go for a minor in creative writing or marketing if that interests you as well. At first, the jobs/experiences can be pretty demanding, but I finally have a nice gig going. Plus, your blog will give you a body of work to showoff! Writers will always be in high demand, but it can be tough to find a job that values (us) them accurately.

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