Nintendo Switch-ing Directions

On October 20, 2016, Nintendo made one of it’s most sound business decisions in nearly a decade. Just one month before the ten-year anniversary of the original Wii’s launch, Nintendo unveiled it’s most gimmicky yet amazing product yet. The Nintendo Switch is the first console which can be plugged into a big screen television for play at home then removed from the “dock” to be used as a portable handheld. While this concept was often hinted at through rumors surrounding the mystery console, it was incredible to actually see it in action during the three-minute reveal video this morning.

Based on the video, which is by no means representative of the final product, the Nintendo Switch does away with motion controls (a topic for another post), has graphics which seem to be at least on par with the Xbox 360, features two built-in controllers which slide off the sides of the portable screen, and a bevy of first- and third-party support.

Wake up!

Prove Me Wrong Nintendo

All of these features sound great on paper and appear to function well in the highly-polished debut video. As a Nintendo fan of the “pre-Wii” era, I can’t fully embrace this console as the next best thing since the legendary N64. Of course, I would love to see Nintendo reach it’s former glory; they were the king for the longest time and I will always have a soft-spot for their outlandish cast of first-party characters, but they still have some work to do. Niggling questions and worries about the user interface, graphical performance when dealing with monstrous games like “Skyrim,” and the possibility that it might not have that many exclusive games all stem from a very unfocused vision from Nintendo since the Wii-U debut. Also, it doesn’t help that the end of the video states that the features shown in the video are not final; I’m all for legal finesse, but that wording is a bit troubling for neglected Nintendo man-children like me.

The Glory Days

Don’t Rain on the Parade

All that said, the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch was a huge win for the company and people (like myself) will not shut up about how innovative and (potentially) game-changing it seems. Here’s hoping that we will soon be enjoying some hi-def, glorious Zelda and Mario Kart on our big screen or, hell, even out in the streets.




Author: The Scrivnerd

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