The Night Of: A Realistic, Lenient Story of American Racism

If you haven’t seen “The Night Of,” HBO’s remake of the BBC series “Criminal Justice,” go watch it now—it’s incredibly written, casted, acted, and directed. The realism of the show is so intense and believable that it brings about some level of physical anxiety and discomfort. As an empathetic writer, I truly felt for Nasir “Naz”, played by Riz Ahmed, as he is wrongly accused of murder and slowly evolves into an actual criminal while waiting in Riker’s Island without bail for his rigged, bureaucratic trial. However, in the end, its critique of American racism is undercut by the use of another character who receives the fate that seemed reserved for Naz throughout all eight hours of the story.The beginning of the series is stronger than the ending, but racism towards Muslim-Americans is ever-present.