Back to the Future: For the First Time

The media frenzy around Back to the Future Day was so rabid that even a TV-recluse such as myself could not escape it. Initially, I didn’t want to admit that I’d never seen these famous popcorn flicks and being known as a film admirer made this admission even more difficult. Sadly, I had never seen these classics in their entirety—only bits and pieces when they were on cable movie channels. Two weeks ago, I finally saw seen Robert Zemeckis’ magnum opus of timeless Americana and it’s safe to say that I regret not seeing it sooner.


Mr. Robot (Season 1): A Manifesto of Modern Angst

Like many new viewers of Sam Esmail’s “Mr. Robot” television series, I’d never heard of the USA Network’s hacker phenomenon until it ran away with multiple Golden Globes in 2015, including Best Television Series – Drama. I had read some highly positive reviews of the new series, but the name was off-putting to me and, I found out, intentionally so. The title harkens back to a different time in television and the world at large. “Mr. Robot” sounds like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, but the dark intensity of the show unveils a deep analysis of modern societal angst.